What do Deacons do?

What Does a Permanent Deacon Do?

The Constitution on the Church speaks of three areas of service:

  • Ministry of Charity
  • Ministry of the Word
  • Ministry of Liturgy.

Ministry of Charity: The deacon is ordained to be a witness to the Gospel through a life of service. A deacon serves through his person-to-person encounters: he ministers to the poor, the aged, the sick, prisoners. The deacon works with youth and young adults in various parish and/or community programs.

Ministry of the Word: The Deacon proclaims the Gospel and preaches at liturgical gatherings; teaches in sacramental preparation programs (e.g., baptism, marriage, RCIA).

Ministry of Liturgy: The deacon assists at the Eucharistic Celebration, administers baptism, witnesses marriages, officiates at wakes and funerals, administers some sacramentals, presides at prayer services (e.g., communion services and benediction).